21 Days of Tongue Scraping


Tongue scraping is a principle that developed from Ayurvedic medicine. Basically when we sleep our bodies start to heal removing bacteria and toxins from the body. For our digestive system this detoxification method is through the tongue. A layer of bacteria builds on the tongue. Now first thing in the morning most of us reach for a glass of water, tea or for the extremely fatigued a cup of coffee. But this just pushes the bacteria back down into the body creating a larger accumulation of toxins.

Tongue scraping removes the build-up of toxins in the body leaving the mouth feeling fresher and more hygienic. This Ayurvedic principle also has a myriad of unexpected health benefits including improved digestion and immune function, increased enjoyment and taste for flavours of food, decreased respiratory difficulties and overall mental health.

Now I have always been obsessed with cleaning my teeth always hating anything that closely resembles a furry feeling in my mouth. Therefore starting tongue scrapping wasn’t a hard decision for me at all, but I knew I had to give it 21 days before I could compare the differences and see any benefits. Here’s my experience and what I’ve noticed after the 3 weeks.

Day 1-7: I think I was scrapping my tongue too hard at first because I got a few cuts on my tongue. The amount and colour of the bacteria (either clear, yellow, white, or green) that accumulates is gross, even for someone who eats and lives a healthy lifestyle. I definitely noticed a cleaner, fresher feeling in my mouth after the first 5 days. Also I didn’t feel I needed to clean my teeth anywhere near as much.

Day 8-14: Breath freshness???…??…? I never did really notice I had bad breath and no lover to ask, but one week of tongue scraping down I am definitely noticing my mouth feeling more hygienic. Note to all, after a night out on red wine get ready for some seriously funky coloured junk to come off your tongue, yuk.

Day 15-21: Tongue scraping is now just a natural habit. I don’t have to remind myself to do it before I brush my teeth or drink water. Whilst I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference in my digestion, immune or respiratory function I definitely feel that my mouth is a lot cleaner, teeth whiter and metal wellbeing happier as I know I am clearing unwanted toxins out of my body.

A few little tips for those of you considering taking up tongue scraping:

  • 5-7 rounds of tongue scrapes is all you need.
  • Don’t try to start at the very back of the tongue straight away unless you want to vomit all over your tongue scraper. Start in the middle and build up to the back of the tongue slowly.
  • Keep your tongue scraper in the bathroom where you will see it in the morning. At 6am you may need the most obvious reminder to keep up your tongue scraping practices
  • Commit to the routine for 14-21days. Not only will you notice more benefits but it will become like second nature
  • Buy you tongue scraper from your local health food store. It shouldn’t set you back more than $10

Tahina : High Street, Northcote


Culture is what I love, so of course I was ecstatic when I turned up to find a huge fatima hand on the front window of Tahina. The Israeli street food bar is located on High Street in the funky suburb of Northcote. You walk into a small bar style restaurant. The kitchen is open plan and you can see the chefs cooking all their creations. The menu is a large chalk board on the wall and you order and pay at the counter. The place just screams authenticity as the focus is on the food and experience rather than the latest trendy decor. I’ll confess this wasn’t my first time going to Tahina, I had been here the previous week with a friend and fell madly in love. I knew this definitely had to go on the 20minute reviews blog.

The thing I love about this place is the chef behind the grill, he loves his job, he loves cooking an loves seeing people enjoy his food. That passion really creates a special vibe in the place.

Just in front of the register are a few containers of pickled cabbage, hummus, pickles and flat bread, all complimentary for customers to snack on whilst their meal is being prepared. It’s little offerings like these where you can see the culture come through. That meal time is about connection, spending time with others, sharing and nurturing the community.


Diners have the choice of Shakshuka, pitta pockets, salads, smaller side dishes and felafel from the menu. The falafels are a must try at this joint with two different types, red (chilli) or green (mixed herb). Everything is pretty much doused in hummus and tahini and oh so good! The first time I ate here I over did it and got super bad indigestion, so I was more mindful this time round not to soak up too much of those yummy sauces. I arrived for lunch 12pm and had the place to myself (great I can sit at the bar and snap away with my iPhone). But by the time my meal arrived the place was bustling with diners and people picking up take away (damn if only they delivered to Prahran lol). I new I should have gotten something different, the brussel sprout pitta pocket or the pumpkin/mushroom pitta pocket, but the falafels and roasted cauliflower were just so good I felt it would be mean to pull my heart away from it’s truthful desires.


The falafels are so soft and fresh it’s insane, the tahini sauce drizzled over the top creates a great bitter compliment to the hummus underneath. Eaten in one large mouthful or two small morsels they are the perfect size for all mouths. The chilli felafel create the perfect tingling sensation on your tongue just before you swallow your mouthful.


You can tell the slow roasted cauliflower is done with precision as it is so soft and moist. At first I thought maybe they par-steam it on the sly but it still has that beautifully crispy, crunchy texture on some of the florets as the olive oil has caramelised in the oven.


To be so busy they do extremely well only having four people working at a time. I was so excited about my new adventure of course I wanted to spread the word. But after telling others I was surprised to hear that my secret wasn’t so hidden, many people knew of this place. I also learnt that Tahina is pumping at night time and it’s easy to understand why with such good quality, fresh food for such a cheap price how could you say no.

The only thing that would make this place better is if after devouring your meal you left only to find yourself walking out onto the streets of a Middle Eastern country itself!

Sunlighten: Infra-red Saunas


I’ve wanted to try these infra-red saunas for quite a while now, but I’ve been waiting for a time when I’ve had the biggest week so I can get the best benefits lol.

As you can probably imagine I scrapped that idea and just booked a session. I was so happy that Anushka could come with me. It’s fives times more fun when you can experience it with other people. We booked out a cabin, which was actually very reasonably priced $40 for the first person in the cabin, then an extra $15 for the second person. The cabins were a lot smaller than I expected, you could fit three people in there but there wouldn’t be much breathing space.

We were set up with wrap around towels to wear and hand towels to wipe off any excess sweat. The New Zealand lady who was working there was so lovely she gave us a very in-depth run down about the place, what to expect in the sauna session, the different types of infra-red and the different capsules they had in the place. She even explained the hyper basic chamber as well (oxygen tank).

Our session was at the Sunlighten head office in South Melbourne which was different to what I expected. You walked in and it looked like a shop, it wasn’t until we went upstairs to the wellness area that you got that sense of calm you feel when you walk into a yoga studio or go to a day spa.


Before we entered I sculled a glass of the alkaline water that was provided which just tasted like filtered water, no where near as harsh as she made it out to be. Sitting in the sauna it was hot but not piercingly hot like regular saunas can be. There’s a TV system there to listen to music, track your sessions, program specific sessions designed for weight loss, detoxification, muscle recovery etc. But I think this is more if you own a sunlight infra-red sauna. Definitely not in my bank balance anytime soon.

We forgot all about the program once we started chatting. Chatting about everything and anything. Now I don’t know Anushka that well but we had such a laugh, talking about boys, parents, our childhood, life, whatever, it was such a great way to spend a Tuesday evening just relaxing and unwinding. It must have been the 10min mark when I started to break a sweat, I think that’s because I do a lot of yoga in infra-red heat so my body is used to it. Whereas Anushka said she was feeling it straight away. Although you definitely start to feel the heat build even if you are leaning against the cabin walls where the infra-red radiates. Instead of that dripping wet sweat situation you find yourself in after leaving a steam room I just felt clammy the whole time. At no stage did I ever feel drained, tired or lethargic but more relaxed as I left the session, because this is the difference with infra-red it heats your core from the inside out, that’s why we continue to sweat after. Here’s an analogy instead of baking in an oven (sauna), infra-red stimulates your core to warm you up naturally.

Infra-Red Sauna Photo

I would definitely go back again and Anushka was seriously thinking about incorporating it into her health regime. Having serious problems with her knee which I won’t go into, but I’ll just say that she is one hella strong women. She noticed incredible benefits as soon as she took her first step into the cabin not over exaggerating.

As we both said we thought infra-red saunas would only be for the rich and famous. But we have been proven wrong. Infra-red therapy is affordable, accessible and incredibly beneficial for those with health issues or anyone that just wants to unwind. Soon I believe a standard massage will be a thing of the past with infra-red sauna sessions taking its place.

Glamorama : Spare Me Kitchen

Glamorama Neon

This was a pretty exciting experience for me, it was my first invite to a Bloggers Night at a well known restaurant in Fitzroy. I was ecstatic as this was a goal I thought wouldn’t happen until about one years time. Yet it has only been a few months since my first review and I am already going to a bloggers night, humbly happy 🙂

To be honest I turned up a little nervous and actually felt a little underdressed. Lucky I slipped on my heeled boots and had a choice of different lippies in my bag. There were bloggers from all different walks of life, some plain, some quirky, some mature, some young, some artistic and one complete virgin blogger…..me.


I got to sit with Jem, John, Emma (John’s GF) and Anthony, these guys are the owners of Glamorama so I actually feel like I got the best seat in the house. I was able to hear the honest back story of what goes into running an edgy dining restaurant that turns into a pumping bar at night. I got to see and experience the nerves behind the progressions of the night, the strategic planning going into the conversations with the bloggers, the forgotten consideration from the chefs as tonight the bloggers requests were more important than the owners. Oh the power of social media these days, how a few photos and opinions posted over the internet can seriously affect the reputation and success of another business.

We were started off with a peach bellini which was too sweet for my liking so I switched to a chardonnay when we received the food menu. Each blogger got to choose from an entree, main and a side dish. Which was very generous I thought considering none of the bloggers had to pay for the food or drink. The smart thing to do would be for each blogger to order different items and share. I didn’t speak to the chef but this may have been how the menu was designed. Dishes are the perfect size for sharing, but also not large enough to make you feel heavy if you are devouring them on your own.


Once the meals started pouring out of the kitchen flashes of light could be seen from all corners of the room. Yes most bloggers would have been eating their food cold because the room then turned into a creative photography space. Cameras came out, lenses changed, plates moved to adjust to better lighting. All in the effort to get the perfect shot of each dish.


I realised how established some people were with their blogs. How there is a lot more to it than just going to cafes and writing about the food. It was actually quite inspirational, I got this urge to put more effort into my blog and to step it up a notch. It would have been a good idea to network with the bloggers but I was just having too much fun chatting away with Emma, John, Jem (when he wasn’t mingling with the bloggers) and Anthony.


Unfortunately our food came at around 9pm so we were all pretty hangry by then, but my was it worth the wait. All dishes came at once so our table was overflowing with fine food! The Seabass not drowned in the creamy sauce but just enough to add a soft punch to the salty fish. The greens cooked to perfection with the smoky hummus creating a flavour explosion in my mouth. The tofu crisp to perfection no soggy coating in sight. The subtle taste of the tofu never overpowering the beautiful earthy flavour of the mushrooms.


Tofu Mushrooms


Soft Shell Crab Burger

The night rapped up pretty quickly after our meals scene as we were eating so late. Lying in bed that evening reminising on the fun night scrolling through insta who do I see but one of my fav food bloggers had attended the night!

What did I take away from this experience:

  1. Get inspired, say yes to everything you truely want to do, don’t be anyone else but yourself people will love you for that.
  2. There is a lot of hard work, effort, care and passion that goes behind many businesses, so before judgements are made its compassionate to think of who it might affect and in which way.

Glamorama definitely got the thumbs up as a cool, funky dining restaurant.

Food – definitely on point,  decor – smooth and edgy, company – absolute champions, experience – inspirational, informative and fun. Blogging life just gets better everyday!




Nikos : 25/27 Portman Street, Oakleigh


I travelled to Niko’s on a Saturday morning in the rain. Despite dreading the wet weather traffic and using my Google maps (which I’m not 100% familiar with, I don’t even know how to turn on the voice over for directions lol) I managed to only take one wrong turn and found a park on the same street not far away. The place is huge, there’s indoor and outdoor dining and both were bustling with people. Me thinking people were crazy to be sitting outside on this cold winters day, but then remembered smoking is part of Greek culture and it explained their seating preferences.

Before I went in I had to check out all the cakes in the front window. Baclava in about seven different styles, almond shortbread, doughnuts, it was a sweet lovers delight!


I walked in and as someone who has never been there before I’d have to say not much service was given straight off besides one woman asking me if I had been served for cakes. I soon decided to take a seat and let the waitress come to me.

I sat by the window looking out and I have to say I loved the way every table was engrossed in their own conversations. There was no distraction, hardly anyone looking around and wait for it……….. no iPhones to be seen on the table. That’s what I love about culture it’s about connection and engaging not just flowing through the motions.


I ordered my Greek coffee and almond shortbread (Kourabiethes) with a Greek waitress through broken communication, she not being able to speak much english, me not knowing much Greek (a couple of women at another table helping) but as I love authenticity this was exactly what I wanted!!!

Greek coffee is like an espresso but a lot stronger, very dark in colour with a dark crema on top. It didn’t taste of anything in particular really except strong coffee. Temperature was hot but not boiling. I’d have to say Greek coffee is nothing special but I did make the rookie mistake of drinking the sediments at the bottom (sand :() so now knowing how to drink Greek coffee properly I’d like to try it again.

Almond Shortbread

The element that made me love this experience was when a group of Greek grandmothers started piling onto the table next to me and asked to share my table. They were adorable hair, make up and jewellery glitzy and glamorous, speaking loudly in their mother tongue as Greek grandmothers do! They asked me if I was Greek and that made my morning, I felt like I was in My Big Fat Greek Wedding <3. The only one who could speak english was educating me on Greek culture. Teaching me how to pronounce Kourabiethes, telling me all about Greek coffee and asking me about my life. I looked over at their table and saw them all drinking Greek coffee, eating traditional honey doughnuts and chatting loudly over each other. If there’s anything that will bring me back to this place it’s the immersion of Greek culture I get when I’m here.




Disney Tokyo Audition


I walked in feeling prepared, CV in hand, affirmations firing, make up on point and dressed to depict the image of Pocahontas! Whilst I can’t say exactly what I was auditioning for because of agreements with Disney, I can say I was auditioning for a 1 year contact with Tokyo Disney. This was my ticket to Japan, to live and embrace their amazing country, to find out more about their crazy culture, and to find out what an amazing incredible experience this would be.

I thought I was early arriving at 9:30am when the audition started at 10:00am but Dance Factory was already filled with chatty excited girls (lets be honest there were only about 3 guys in the room). After I registered I soon learnt the trick was to get there early, be one of the first to register so you can be in one of the first groups to audition. Get in get out style, I like it! Which is something I would definitely do if this was my career profession. It must get so hard having to hang around all the time for an audition, not getting paid to be there but going from audition to audition because you are trying to make money from this industry. I took a seat and looked around everyone looked not far over the age of 21/22. It made me feel a little old for this gig and then I immediately thought well if I get the contract these are the people I would be hanging out with, do I really want to be in Japan hanging around people that are a lot younger than me???

You could tell majority of applicants where professionals by the way they dressed (dance gear and character shoes), their physic and their make up. One girl who also arrived to audition started talking to me, it was nice to just chat instead of being left to my own thoughts. She was such a sweet heart, I actually really felt for her, I could tell she didn’t have much confidence and was quite negative just by the things she was saying about herself, her performance and her comparisons to others. At one stage I said to her “there’s always going to be someone prettier than you, there’s always going to be someone who’s not as pretty as you, there’s always going to be someone who can dance better, is a better actress, gets a better contract or misses out on the part. The only thing you can really do is be happy and confident within yourself, your performances and know that you are a great person.” To which she responded “that is so wise” when I had to reveal I was 29 so had a fair few years of confidence building to get to that point lol. Being the audition novice that I was I didn’t bring any shoes besides my nike air max (which should only really belong in a hip hop dance class). She was so kind she gave me her Jazz shoes and wore her character shoes, heart of gold, so compassionate.

Fast forward one hour, audition calls for numbers 80 onwards, I was number 82. We walked into the room and pretty much straight away a tiny japanese lady (she was part of the Tokyo Disney casting crew but I can’t remember her specific role) started teaching us choreography. Now the choreography was easy just like Sair (my sister) said, step touch, step touch style, but learn the choreo in 1 min, match it to music counts, perfect it putting body meaning and expression to it and learn it trying to see the choreographers whilst turning and dodging the others auditioning, not so easy…… Meanwhile the whole time I thought THAT was pretty much the dance section of the audition. We swapped lines a few times so all applicants got a fair chance to learn the dance. Whilst changing lines I saw the panel talking on the side lines.

After about four rounds of dancing it was time to perform the routine in groups of four. Numbers 80-84 called, so I was first up. Now I can’t say I was that nervous just light gitters but I was having so much fun, so was smiling naturally the whole time (well at least I had that down pact). We performed twice changing lines. I stuffed up a few of the moves and felt like a bit of an idiot but I guess it didn’t affect me so much because I know this isn’t my true career path.

There was my light bulb moment into what performers must go through. It’s not about the audition, it’s not about the judges, it’s not about the role. It’s about the fact that you have 5 minutes (give or take) to do everything perfectly, 5 minutes to show the hours, sometimes days/weeks/months of preparation you have put into this audition. And if not you are left with the contemplation of should I have smiled more, should I have done more dance preparation, should I have watched the routine more when learning, the niggling thoughts go on and on.

From around 30 people the only chose 6 to move through to the second round and one of those was the sweet girl that leant me her jazz shoes, I was truly so happy for her.

I walked out happy because I had honestly enjoyed the whole experience but still disappointed that my ticket to Japan had flown away. “Good luck honey, you’ll be amazing” the note I left on the jazz shoes for my girl. As I walked out of Dance Factory I thought f.#$..^ck my sister is so strong, I don’t know how she does this day in, day out, staying confident within herself and within the industry that there will be a successful place for her in that competitive world. But I guess people are strong not because they never fail, but because they always keep trying.

Sis this one’s for you! images


NOTE: Unfortunately I couldn’t put images in this blog post for confidentiality reasons and also out of respect for Tokyo Disney.


Auction Rooms : 103-107 Errol Street, North Melbourne


This is exactly what I had been wanting and looking for on a day like this, Melbourne has definitely brought on Winter early with freezing temperatures and cold rain. I had arrived at my chiro appointment 30mins early so decided to treat myself with a quick coffee from Auction Rooms.


It’s my lucky day as I was able to get a park right out the front. Everyone inside looked warm and cosy!!! Upon entering I was greeted straight away and able to sit at a small table for 1 or 2 with the cutest little bar stools. I told the waitress I was only here for a quick coffee so she took my order straight away. She offered me the menu and I decided to look at it out of interest for future reference. Great sales and service from the waitress, huge upsetting tick from me, planting the idea and image of delicious brunch I could have another day :).


Looking around the decor is different in all areas of the cafe. It keeps you interested and gives the place a new feel when seating in any area. Some may say it’s too busy but I think it’s refreshing especially if it’s your local, it would stop you from getting bored of the cafe.

Really interesting looking staff, I don’t know if it’s just because I’m from the South Side, but everything North Side seems edgy, cool and fascinatingly intriguing. Even the cliental, you could tell everyone was completely different with their own different stories!

My coffee arrived, long black as always and the crema was untouched, yes! I went to drink what I thought was the sparkling water to cleanse the palate but realised it was extra boiling water to add to my coffee if I needed it. I smiled what a beautiful touch.


Temperature was perfect, coffee was bold, great complex flavours. It really warmed my soul. It was so nice to just sit, coffee cup in hand warming my palms and gaze out the big glass window at the cold winter drizzle pouring down. As the coffee started to take effects and make me more alert I started to become aware of things in the distance. A cafe called Counter across the road, the rain easing and all the different people in the cafe with their own different lives.

From remembering the menu I would love to try the mushrooms (3 different types) with crispy polenta and the trout with sweet potato rosti (but this dish also had a poached egg. Sometimes I find this all a bit rich meat and poached eggs). There was also another eggplant dish that looked yummy but the thing on the menu that intrigued me was the maple glazed bacon – that was a must try even though I hate bacon. All menu items were phrased very enticingly, nothing sounded basic and would attract those who appreciate gourmet food.


My only down fall with Auction Rooms was the price of my coffee, $4.20. Now I am one for paying for quality but I did think that was a little too much for a long black. Don’t get me wrong the coffee and experience was worth every penny, but I guess I just wouldn’t be going there every day for my daily brew.

Hakata Gensuke: 168 Russell Street Melbourne CBD


This is by far one of the most fun experiences I have had in my life. Hakata Gensuke a little ramen bar on Russell Street in the City. In my search to find a quality Ramen bar I typed into Google “best ramen in Melbourne” (yes I know original choice of words for google search lol). “The Little Ramen Bar” came up as number one on the google listing, but closing hours were 2:30pm during the week which wouldn’t give me enough time to eat after my barre class. Second google listing was Hakata Gensuke, with a 4.3 star rating and positive reviews from others this was the choice. From the outside it was everything I expected, small shop front painted bright red, photos and Japanese writing all on the front windows.

When I entered all staff (including the kitchen staff) yelled something in Japanese, which shocked me and stopped me straight in my tracks. It was hard for me not to burst out laughing. Obviously I don’t speak Japanese so I had no idea what they were saying. Later I learnt this vocal outburst was a traditional greeting as they were yelling the same phrase to others entering and exiting the ramen bar.


I was seated at a high bar against the wall crammed in between two other people. This is exactly what I wanted, feels so authentic, no consideration for personal space! Other seating choices were at tables with small square chairs low to the ground. In front of me was a menu, a small piece of paper and a pen. I soon worked out I look at the menu and tick the specific boxes on the paper that I want. I had the choice of three soup styles with extra optional toppings. I chose the traditional pork broth because for my first ramen I thought it was important to try the original. Plus I loved that it was high in collagen, but can’t wait to try the black broth with fried garlic and sesame which was also offered on the menu. Additional topping I chose were egg and seaweed. I felt like such a novice I went and handed the paper to the waitress but I think it was table service oops. They circle your options in red pen then take it to the kitchen where all chefs are on view wearing aprons and japanese head scarfs.



When my ramen arrived all ingredients (noodles, black fungus, pork, egg, seaweed and spring onions) were in the soup (traditional ramen comes with the noodles and broth in separate bowls which I learnt from a ramen documentary). I tasted a bit of the broth and my god was it tasty, salty but creamy goodness too. The noodles were perfect texture and I couldn’t stop eating them, I felt like I could have just eaten a whole bowl of noodles and broth. I tried to slurp them up Japanese style but the broth was too hot and I wanted to savour all flavours. I’ll need to get the slurp down pact before I go to Japan ;). I didn’t end up touching the pork, I’m still a bit queasy about eating certain meats. There were condiments on the table to add into the ramen such as minced garlic, sesame seeds and pickles but I forgot all about them once I tasted the broth.



The place was filled with mainly Asian people which for me is the sign of an authentic place, and to match with the japanese style majority of people were on their phones at the same time, even if they were sitting in a group. I was pretty much the last to leave, no surprise, and they gave me a loyalty card. Yep I will definitely be back to use that baby up!!! Very reasonably priced starting at $13 for standard ramen. I would go more often if it was cheaper as with the additional toppings it can get up to $16-$18. I liked that they also offered a few other things on the menu, gyoza, rice, chicken karaage and drinks of course. Probably good that they sat me facing the wall as I could not wipe the smile off my face. Food 7/10, experience 9/10. This was by far the funest review I have done so far 🙂 (sorry mum I know “funest” is not proper English).

1st Review

Backstory: In preparation for my blog I decided to start my reviews and write them in my journal to see if I liked the critiquing process. I know from previous ventures that sometimes hobbies can become a chore when you turn them into something more “real”. I wanted to avoid the situation of setting up my blog only to find out my passion for reviewing was stripped away once I was spending a large majority of time on it.




So why am I writing this, because my first posted review is not my actual first review, but it was one of the first reviews I enjoyed the most. And what better way to launch my first post than with a review that I found exciting, entertaining and engaging!

Here it is, I hope you guys enjoy 🙂


So this is my first blog post! It’s not going to be long and I’m not going to talk about who I am or what I do. If you’re interested in those aspects (which I hope you are) you can check out my about page!

This is basically an introduction to welcome every reader along to my reviews 🙂

Honestly, I’m excited about my reviews. I’m excited about being able to check out many different places across Melbourne and try a variety of things that I usually wouldn’t do on a day to day basis. I actually hate taking photos but I’m curious to learn this artwork so all my readers have an accurate visual representation of what I’m reviewing.


I love everything I am learning along the way and I’m intrigued to see where this blog takes me. I hope you all enjoy reading the reviews. But more than that I hope you can use my recommendations when you’re feeling a bit stuck in the mundane and need something different to spice up your life.

In saying that when it comes down to it even if I don’t receive any “likes” on my site, I’ll always be a foodie, I’ll always be opinionated and I’ll always follow the things I love, so 20minutereviews will be with me till I die

blog page or no blog page………